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Welcome to the Institute for Collaborative Working, New Zealand

We love challenging people to work collaboratively because we passionately believe it unlocks people’s collective potential, enables better solutions and creates break though value.

We do this by helping people to understand the benefits of structured collaboration and how it can be tailored to their situation.

We run training courses and facilitate workshops to help you embed collaboration into your organisation and within your selected relationships.

ICW NZ promotes and supports collaborative working through delivery of services and training on collaborative business relationships. We are a branch of the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW UK) and part of a growing body of international ICW organisations working with a structured framework for business collaboration. We work with experienced associates who are passionate about business collaboration to deliver our services.

Our NZ aim is to deliver great results by harnessing the capabilities and passions of people and teams through a structured approach to collaboration. This supports ICW’s aim.

Our website is designed to introduce you to our team, our approach and our services. Whilst grounded in sound research, our approach is practitioner friendly and applicable across a variety of contexts. We include a sample of our success stories as examples.

Please feel free to contact a member of our team for further information.

Two Day Collaborative Practitioners Course

ICWNZ runs its popular public two days course in  Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch subject to numbers. We also run the course for client/consultant/supplier teams at various centres around NZ.

This course is based on the 12 Principles of Collaboration and involves breakout sessions that assist in the thinking and provides tools to use in developing and improving collaboration within relationships.

Please contact [email protected] or on  021746260 for further information, or to register for this course, please fill out the form below.

Collaborative Working Practitioners Course - Registration Form

Collaborative Working Practitioners Course - Registration Form

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