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ICWNZ Practitioners Course

Participants learn about collaborative working at ICWNZ’s General Practitioners Course

Attendees’ knowledge of the of working collaboratively and how to do it better increased substantially at the Institute for Collaborative Working New Zealand’s (ICWNZ) – General Practitioners Course in Wellington on 14 and 15 July.

Participants, both online and in-person, including clients, contractors and consultants had to wait for more than a year since the previous course in March 2021, but were not disappointed.

How the participants rated the ICWNZ course

Organisers used the Menti online tool in the workshops for attendees to score the various assessments on their phones.

According to the results, respondents’ knowledge in working collaboratively went from 5.5 out of 10 at the beginning of the course to 8.4 out of 10.

That’s not all. Their knowledge of the 12 international principles for working collaboratively rose a staggering 5.7 points, from 2.4 to 8.1.

Attendees were also very interested in the topic, with their appetite to work collaboratively at 9.4 out of 10.

Director of ICWNZ was pleased with the progress made by participants throughout the two-day course, despite the challenges of juggling both online and in-person attendees.

“We were really pleased by the attitudes of those people who attended, so it was easy for them to learn a lot about collaborative working,” he said.

“It was fantastic to see a range of clients, contractors and consultants attending, from those who were new to collaborative working to others with years of experience with alliances and collaborative enterprises.”

“We will look to hold the next ICWNZ conference in-person, if possible, in order to allow participants to experience the full benefits of the course.”

People could not see the individual Menti results, but everyone saw the average response for each assessment on the main screen and the distribution of responses.

How did the ICWNZ presenters rate?

Attendees also scored the presenters 9.2 out of 10 for knowing their stuff and enhancing their learning.

Participant Ian McNally was impressed by presenters.

“Both Chris and Tony were great presenters; knowledgeable, engaging and easy to listen to,” he said.

“They drew out the attendees’ experiences and used real life examples to emphasise key points.”

“Based on the assessment of the Course Overview 1 versus the delivered content, the ‘Course Aims’ were certainly achieved.”

ICWNZ course content

The course focussed on the 12 Principles of Collaboration and the ISO Framework.

Over the two days there were 11 breakout sessions where attendees shared about their experiences, what they had just learnt and how it applied to them.

Attendees found it very useful to compare the Collaborative Framework with that of the Quality Framework, where organisations have a Quality Policy and Quality Plan, just like having a Collaboration Policy and Joint Relationship Management Plan

Expectations of ICWNZ course attendees were met

Participants’ expectations were:

  • To learn more about collaborative working as the need is so great
  • To hear other people’s experiences of collaborative working
  • To see how collaborative working can work horizontally across client organisations
  • To get some tools to help their organisations work collaboratively
  • To learn how to finish a collaborative alliance strongly
  • To learn so they can share with others
  • To understand the standards, as opposed to what’s taking place
  • To learn how to collaborate

Feedback from ICWNZ course attendees

Feedback mentioned by participants included:

  • That there was great engagement and involvement of participants. Even online participants said they really felt involved.
  • Even the very experienced said they still learned and thought they had been operating more as collaborative working and now wanted to move towards business collaboration.
  • Attendees also used ICW tools for assessing their organisation’s collaborative maturity, collaborative behaviours and trust indicators and whether they were a high performing team.

Thanks to everyone that attended the ICWNZ General Practitioners Course. For details of any upcoming courses go to the ICWNZ LinkedIn page, the ICWNZ website

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