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ICWNZ Practitioners Course

Participants learn about collaborative working at ICWNZ’s General Practitioners Course Attendees’ knowledge of the of…

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Moving forward, despite Covid disruptions

ICWNZ continues to promote collaborative working despite COVID-19 disruptions The Institute for Collaborative Working New…

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An excellent learning opportunity…

ICWNZ’s General Practitioners Course an excellent learning opportunity for Graduate “I had plenty of new…

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The ICWNZ Model

Improving Collaboration in Civil Construction
Webinar hosted by Civil Contractors New Zealand, David Hawkins (UK), Chris Olsen (Au), Chris Edsall (NZ) , Brent Holmes (NZ), Dave MacDonald (NZ)
Wednesday, May 26 2021 (duration 53 mins)

Across our global team we have worked with a wide range of organisations to deliver successful collaboration using a structured approach. In Australasia our clients include a number of large corporates, as well as government agencies and local authorities. We include a small sample of webinars and case studies here.

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