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An excellent learning opportunity…

ICWNZ’s General Practitioners Course an excellent learning opportunity for Graduate

“I had plenty of new ideas to take away at the end of the course.”

The Institute for Collaborative Learning New Zealand – General Practitioners Course was held earlier this month, and we received plenty of positive feedback.

According to course participant Rahul, the ICWNZ workshop was a great learning experience.

“As a Graduate, my objective of attending this course was to learn and get a good understanding of programme delivery, collaborative approaches and issues/challenges currently faced in a collaborative environment,” Rahul said.

For Rahul, the opportunity to access teaching from established professionals, including speakers Chris Olsen and Tony McCartney, made the course worthwhile.

“My significant learnings were from the breakout sessions, where we discussed various topics and critical thinking areas.”

Chris and Tony delivered a good presentation and shared their valuable experience.

“With a diverse group of participants with experience working in multiple roles, the discussion turned out to be interesting.”

Attendees’ knowledge of the benefits of working collaboratively and how to collaborate increased substantially throughout the two days.

The next ICWNZ course will be held in November, with the course ideal for clients, contractors and consultants.

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