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Wairoa Mayor talks about the benefits of collaborative working

Wairoa Mayor Craig Little talks about how the 12 Principles for Collaborative Working

In this video, Wairoa Mayor Craig Little talks about how the 12 Principles for Collaborative Working, that underpin successful collaboration were used by our very own Chris Olsen in 2017. Chris was responsible for assisting and changing a fractured relationship, into a sustainable high-performing one between Wairoa District Council and QRS, with great results.

Duration: 2 minutes

The Institute for Collaborative Working New Zealand – ICWNZ is hosting its Collaborative Working Practitioners Course in Auckland on 30 November and 1 December at Cliftons Conference Centre, and in Wellington on 23 and 24 March 2023. (You may register by using the Course Registration Form below)

These 12 Principles form the basis of our upcoming two-day Collaborative Practitioners Course that we have now delivered to around 120 people in NZ.

This course is based on 30 years of international best practice experience adapted for New Zealand, around maximising opportunities through collaborative working and minimising the risk of failure.

Evaluations of the courses we have run are consistently between 8 and 9 out of 10, for people being able to better improve the way they work collaboratively.

The upcoming courses, in Auckland and Wellington, will provide insights and demonstrate the importance of the 12 Principles of Collaborative Working.

They will have numerous breakout sessions for participants to build their knowledge and make available measuring tools to assist in assessing the performance of a Collaborative Relationship for identifying issues and gaps for continuous improvement actions.

For further information contact Dave Macdonald  [email protected] or Chris Olsen [email protected]

Collaborative Working Practitioners Course - Registration Form

Collaborative Working Practitioners Course - Registration Form

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