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Our approach to service delivery demonstrates collaboration in action.

Individually, we have established our reputations as successful facilitators and collaboration leaders over many years. In 2016, we came together as a team to harness our skills and experiences into one body. As ICW NZ, we have rapidly become known as leaders of good practice approaches in the field of collaboration.

We have successfully delivered three ISO 44001 Leaders’ Courses (one in New Zealand and two in Australia), as well as numerous Executive Briefings and workshops. We now have a nucleus of accredited facilitators in Australasia, as well as access to an international community of practice in the arena of collaboration and collaborative working.

Additionally, we have worked with organisations – individually and collectively – to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of success stories. These include:

  • developing optimal collaborative governance models
  • facilitating practical interactive collaborative workshops that are context specific
  • co-designing collaborative implementation plans across a variety of services and portfolios.

We look forward to working with you to co-create the optimal collaborative solution for your needs.

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